Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Traning venue

Guys, do note that RC HQ have finished renovating and its back for us floorballers to wreck havoc to their new hall xDD

So training is resumed back to RC HQ. Thank you ^^

Good luck to all clubs hahahaha!!! show them the powa of floorball!!! RAWR! :D

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Saberz's First Anniversary!!!

Happy Birthday Saberz!!! Wishing you all the best..

May us do well in division 1 next year =)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Breaking News Have Been Revealed!!

A good news and a bad news.. Thats what was said..
After a month-long wait.. We finally know what is it.. Good news?? We're having 3 new members =D Joon Han, Wayne and Samuel!!!
Bad news?? we're getting promoted to div 1 and its in February next year..

Wish us luck!! Let us fight our best!! Rawr!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Breaking News?

Breaking news? Or isit not???

 Our coach gave us a hint in whats coming for us in the year 2012.. But till now he never revealed what isit..  Suspense is killing dont you think??? Hahaha training is resuming soon for you guys out there.

Hey whats the fattest laptop in the world???
Ans: A-dele (singer of rolling in the deep)
no offence for Adele fans out there ;) its just a joke. Im a fan of her too

Friday, August 12, 2011

We're back to blooging!!!!

Yooo peeps!!

 Its beeen a while since we posted anything.. Players as well as managers were busy with works but now were back!! Proud to let you readers out there our club accomplished 3rd placing in PFL Div II 2011. A great achievement for our 1st year playing as a team.. Better hopes for next year. See you guys soon..

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saberz Elite 0-2 Patriots, Saberz Alpha 2-8 Livestrong

It was a disappointing day for both Saberz teams as they lost to both Patriots and Livestrong. Patriots really gave us a hard time as they continue to pound us with their speed. All the more with their experienced side and talented players, we were caught unaware and surprised by their attacks. Elite was not up to their 100% as wayne and adrian had injuries, teik min was not around on that day. It was difficult but towards the end we showed a bit of promising attacks and almost scored, nevertheless it was a down for us and i would not say we actually played well cz if we did the score will be different. But Elite has to put that behind us and move on to our next game next Sat against Gladiators! 

Alpha i would say is the most determined and exciting team i've seen thus far.. with only 6 players including the goalie, we have no subs at all! but we continue to fight on and hold on.. we were good at the first few periods untill towards the second and thurd period, tiredness and exhaustion sets in. I was actually impressed by Jonathan Kow as he intercept the mistakes of the defenders and scored 2 of the alpha goals! it was Alpha's first goals in the competition.. Congratz! Even Alpha lose out 2-8, they can be assured that the coaches are very proud of them and what they come and finish it.. even though we dont have enough men, we still hold our heads up high and face the challenge.. good job alpha u came and finish the race that has been set for u.. i salute the alpha players.. 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Saberz Elite vs Livestrong Co! (8-2)

Apr 2 was a day of remembrance for Saberz Floorball Club, the boys and gals did something way beyond what they believed in, that is to beat Innebandy's division 2 team Livestong Co! by 8-2! This mark the first victory against other team in a competition! what a  way to get it! Good job to everyone and after this victory, confidence has sets in that we may take this league after all. We have never thought of winning it but each and every player has shown that they want this so as a result, promotion is heading our way.. i just wanna take this time to thank God for the victory and the passion he placed within me to form Saberz, it is only for His glory.. 

We started the match not knowing what LS (livestrong) could do as i know that they have a pretty strong offence and defense set up. Tactically they are better. For the first 6min we were penalized for 2min, so throughout it we have to tahan and defend against a determined side. we did well and we did not concede any, in fact we scored our first goal against them which is a good start, not long before 1st period, we conceded a cheap goal, a missed pass was intercepted by LS, shoots from after the halfway line and went in. 1st period was good for us until we made that small mistake and we pay for it, so its 1-1. 

Second period was a totally different story, we played like Champions, we played like we nvr played b4.. we scored the goals we needed and everntually we won 8-2 .. credit goes to the players who did well and suddenly the idea of promotion to Div1 is all on the bets... I would like to thank all of the players for their dedication and perseverance. Lets dream big and see a win in our next game against Patriots! Nothing is Impossible to those that dares to take the challenge.. 

2 down and 3 to go..